Patent Registration

The patent is the act, which grants to the inventor, the right of exploiting its object exclusively, during a determined period of time.


It is the tool through which the development of new technologies is stimulated once it insures the inventor's and the investor's exploitation rights.


The patent is the right which grants use exclusivity of its object, such right being incorporated to the assets of a company, for instance, helping it to define market strategies to hit the public target.


For a patent right to be granted, some requirements must be fulfilled: Industrial applicability, inventive act and novelty in relation to the technological knowledge already disclosed.


As result of the creative effort in the technical field, the inventor who holds the document called "Patent Letter" has the temporary exploitation monopoly of his creation, assuring for himself a sort of market reserve.


Who can apply for a patent?

Everyone who has developed a product, a manufacturing process or even an improvement in any known product and/or process is able to apply for patent protection before the BRPTO.